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diasterisms is wonderful as always. THE ONE THAT IS SORT OF A ROMCOM. THE ONE THAT'S EVEN MORE OF A COMEDY-ROMANCE. haven't read yet, probably wonderful

I've been mainlining Criminal Minds. I fast forward through all the heinous murder and torture for the figuring-it-out portion of the narrative. And to stare at Matthew Gray Gubler's face. Good loooord, he is pretty. He acts pretty well when he's one of the main players in a scene, but when he's in the background he is constantly posing like a model. I'm unsure how much of it is even purposeful, because he actually was a model in the nineties (with many hilarious photos to show for it.) But he has model poses and slouching and walking when he's in the background. He is almost disgustingly pretty.
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Wonder Woman spoilers. Read more... )

Maybe the next one will be better? Maybe I am disappointed because all these people told me how GREAT the movie is, but I feel meh about it. I like Maleficent better. But I am always partial to alien, cruel versions of fairies anyways as creatures and story motifs, so I am biased about that one. (ALSO DAVID BOWIE'S JARETH IN LABYRINTH.) (AND IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE LABYRINTH FANFICTION A FORFEIT OF DREAMS AND ASTOLAT'S INVITED SERIES --- DO SO IMMEDIATELY. GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD. I THINK I'LL RE-READ BOTH OF THEM AGAIN RIGHT NOW.)

But back to Wonder Woman: it's a B or a B- movie.
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Soooo. I will be trying to port all my LJ entries to Dreamwidth shortly. I guess this means I'll finally have to get with the program and get on Tumblr and Twitter with all the crazy kids these days?
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So I do not like the agreement. (Why? See here and here.) Made me veeery uneasy. I will probably put everything on private in the whole journal. I may del*ete the whole thing and then transfer to dreamwidth.

I promised I wouldn't do that a long while ago. I hate dead links as much as everyone, but most of my fics are on archiveofourown in any case. I'm sorry to go back on the promise, but with things as they are, I am very uncomfortable with it.

Not that I've been very active on here recently anyways. I am on dreamwidth as modillian, you can look me up.

Edit: Everything in LJ has been privatized. Porting to Dreamwidth shortly.

Edit 2: Hello, Dreamwidth! :)
modillian: (Default) livejournal officially...gone, or something? I've been getting the "this page cannot be displayed" message for the past two days for any livejournal url.
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Oh LJ! Why do you go down as soon as I come back from work and absolutely have been pining to finish the rest of the amazing Loki/Sif longfic I started reading yesterday! I've been waaaaaiting to read it all daaaaaaaaaaaay. *pouts*
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ETA: Ah, is there some kind of outage going on? Then it is the right time to commentfic! I approve of this coping mechanism and will be writing possibly something goofy about Gerard getting stuck somewhere implausible without copying bexless. :D
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I'm not gonna lie, you guys, I feel like I've incubated and given birth to a fucking baby. Three months of my life, jfc!

I should also mention that this fic is really, really self-indulgent. I should be embarrassed: at first all I thought was, nrrrrgh, foursome of hot girls! And then everything else happened.

However, I think I should first of all thank the awesome motherfuckers that ARE the real and actual Amanda Palmer, Lindsey Ballato-Way, Alicia Simmons-Way, and Jamia Nestor for being such fucking kickass women in their own right. Rock on!


Title: And the song goes on

Author: [personal profile] modillian
Pairing: Amanda Palmer/Lindsey Ballato/Alicia Simmons/Jamia Nestor
Wordcount: ~40,000
Rating: Mostly R, a little NC-17. Warning for angst, general goofy behavior, and sex.
Summary: Office!girls AU. The women of Megacorp are not what they seem: Lindsey the sapped ad artist, Alicia the untapped wire of an assistant, Jamia the beleaguered manager, and Amanda the oddball tech writer full of secrets. They form an unlikely alliance and proceed to fix each other (and save each other, but first things first.)

Lindsey is an artist trapped in her job and her flagging muse is making her seriously grumpyfaced. Amanda comes along to bother the stuffing out of her, and in the meantime a new world opens up when Alicia notices Lindsey noticing her. Jamia is actually in a bigger mess than she lets on, and on one bright and shiny day (or rather, in one ratty and smoky bar while they're all making fun of the hair metal band), Jamia lets on more -that she’s dreaming of a whole lot more than managing accountant meetings. Could they actually pull themselves together and pull each other out of their separate miseries to make a band together? (Lindsey POV)

Disclaimer: The cake is a lie, etc etc, everything is fiction. And if you bandladies are reading this, hello! ILU ALL.
Notes: All inconsistencies and incorrect information my fault. All bands herein are fictional. Title is mangled from Lambchop's The Song That Never Ends.

Many thanks to my flist for encouraging me and putting up with three months of whining about this fic. A dozen more thanks to the mods of [profile] bandgirlsbang for setting up the challenge, which has brought so much awesomeness to fruition! And thank you so much to my glorious betas [profile] yan_tan_tether and [personal profile] jrho who helped clarify and sweeten this story. ♥

Comments and criticism are welcome. Please let me know about typos/no-no's in the text too.

Part 1
Part 2

Bonus Material


Three pieces by [personal profile] kidsxheroes


And the song goes on by [personal profile] fitofpique

Not Quite Office Space by [profile] sweetnovicane

Girls Wanna Have Fun by [profile] xanax_x_wine

Band Girls Bang (the shit out of each other) by [personal profile] modillian
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Birds of a Feather
Kitty/Lindsey/Frank. NC-17. 7600 words.

Summary: Lindsey and Frank lock horns over stupid shit until Kitty's ready to strangle them both (or initiate angry!sex, whichever comes first.)
Warnings: Angst and angry!sex.

Notes: For the [profile] bandomrarepair challenge. Um, I'd consider this an AU if I were you. An asshole!bandperson AU. I totally messed with the timeline and made up that MCR and MSI toured together stateside right before MCR's fateful trip to Japan. Also, if rock band tours aren't full of people who can dig deep, build up quality rage, and piss each other off just because they can, I'll eat my bartskull-festooned hoodie.

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I DID NOT MAKE THE INITIAL REQUEST. No srsly, it wasn't me. So I'm not fulfilling my own request (really!), I'm just doing something that needs to be done anyway. I'm performing a public service, dangit!

You should read the ficbabble first for context. I've thrown all the exposition out the window and gone straight to the end where they guys are asking Frank for things. Are we all caught up now? Good, awesome, here's more porn.

The One Where Frank Gets Gangbanged
MCR GSF. NC-17. 7300 words.
Warnings: Uh, possible squickage since both the Ways have ~sexual relations with Frank in close proximity to each other. Also Frank enjoys being tied up/held down/choked, mild D/s themes.
Summary: "I want a gangbang!" Frank announces in the lounge while he beats Bob in a Mario Kart match. "And I want those Doritos."

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I really really don't know where this came from. I guess I have an untapped morass of MCR threesome porn lurking around my id? Good to know. Thank you, [personal profile] splits_thesky, for unintentionally jump-starting this whole shebang.

Like a Bomb
Lindsey/Gerard/Frank. NC-17. 4100 words.
Warning for mild kink (More explanation if needed.) This is a total PWP, jsyk.

Frank is going to explode. )
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TIME TO START BACKUP ARCHIVING THINGS ONCE AGAIN. Everything before 06/01/2009 is archived on my Insanejournal with all my cool old icons. What a trip back in time, seeing all those icons

**Prompted by the GREAT INSANEJOURNAL '11 PURGE of all accounts that have not been used or accessed since January 2010.
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Ah, DDoS attacks! How nice. One happened yesterday and they've been interminable for a couple weeks. (I wouldn't know this, as I've been at work when the others have occurred and work blocks non-approved websites, but I have been since informed.)

This may be important to thine edification: This is (probably part of the reason) why LiveJournal has been under DDoS attack in the last few weeks: Alexey Navalny's War on Russian Corruption.

So, people who grumble about "the Russians" taking over LJ should remember that in Russia, LiveJournal isn't just the top blogging platform, it's THE blogging platform. It is Russia's free press. It is the tool being used to fight corruption and advance the cause of democracy. And, more practically to LJ users, the Russian-speaking sector of LJ is the reason LJ is still there at all.

This means I should probably start archiving my bandom fic on DW or an archive site. Ugh, that'll take a long time.
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Hello, patriarchy. It's so nice to know you are always, always, ALWAYS here. Wtf, why the hell was an underage girl's identity revealed by the media in a criminal trial of this nature??!! And yes, being accused of rape is so much worse than actually being raped, of course. UGH. I am so sick of rape aplogists. But I'm not the one dead from them. Fuck.
And it gets worse. Oh my god. Why why why WHYYYYY.
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Sooo, are LJ's servers down? Or maybe just the ones for my region.

I'm just saying, I'm having a whole lotta fun playing around with Google's homepage right now. Also playing with Misirlou:

None of my icons are bright enough for this place. :(

Although I really like this Lyn-Z icon. HAPPYYYYYY.
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I have now posted something for 2010. :D