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I'm not gonna lie, you guys, I feel like I've incubated and given birth to a fucking baby. Three months of my life, jfc!

I should also mention that this fic is really, really self-indulgent. I should be embarrassed: at first all I thought was, nrrrrgh, foursome of hot girls! And then everything else happened.

However, I think I should first of all thank the awesome motherfuckers that ARE the real and actual Amanda Palmer, Lindsey Ballato-Way, Alicia Simmons-Way, and Jamia Nestor for being such fucking kickass women in their own right. Rock on!


Title: And the song goes on

Author: [personal profile] modillian
Pairing: Amanda Palmer/Lindsey Ballato/Alicia Simmons/Jamia Nestor
Wordcount: ~40,000
Rating: Mostly R, a little NC-17. Warning for angst, general goofy behavior, and sex.
Summary: Office!girls AU. The women of Megacorp are not what they seem: Lindsey the sapped ad artist, Alicia the untapped wire of an assistant, Jamia the beleaguered manager, and Amanda the oddball tech writer full of secrets. They form an unlikely alliance and proceed to fix each other (and save each other, but first things first.)

Lindsey is an artist trapped in her job and her flagging muse is making her seriously grumpyfaced. Amanda comes along to bother the stuffing out of her, and in the meantime a new world opens up when Alicia notices Lindsey noticing her. Jamia is actually in a bigger mess than she lets on, and on one bright and shiny day (or rather, in one ratty and smoky bar while they're all making fun of the hair metal band), Jamia lets on more -that she’s dreaming of a whole lot more than managing accountant meetings. Could they actually pull themselves together and pull each other out of their separate miseries to make a band together? (Lindsey POV)

Disclaimer: The cake is a lie, etc etc, everything is fiction. And if you bandladies are reading this, hello! ILU ALL.
Notes: All inconsistencies and incorrect information my fault. All bands herein are fictional. Title is mangled from Lambchop's The Song That Never Ends.

Many thanks to my flist for encouraging me and putting up with three months of whining about this fic. A dozen more thanks to the mods of [profile] bandgirlsbang for setting up the challenge, which has brought so much awesomeness to fruition! And thank you so much to my glorious betas [profile] yan_tan_tether and [personal profile] jrho who helped clarify and sweeten this story. ♥

Comments and criticism are welcome. Please let me know about typos/no-no's in the text too.

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