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Wonder Woman spoilers. Why was Captain Kirk the most engaging character in Wonder Woman? Sadface. This is the opinion of someone who know nothing about Wonder Woman. I kind of liked how they never called her that in the movie.

I know WW is supposed to be a straight (wo)man character so she's not that humorous, Captin Kirk is the humorous one. She's technically inhuman so she wouldn't be Spiderman. She's more like the straight-laced Superman or Captain America. The movie reminded me of the first Captain America actually.

I thought the love interest was pretty well done, respectful, and Steve had his own agenda and life before WW, so the mystery of who he was before the movie started is also engaging. Again, I found his characterization more interesting, since WW and the plot were also fairy straightforward and lacking any mystery.

I also figured out whatshisface, Professor Lupin, was Ares almost immediately. I don't use clock onto things like that in movies, but maybe some storytelling hints led me to figure it out almost right away. As well as the fact that he is one of the most famous actors in the film, so I figured they wouldn't throw his star power away on some itty bitty role.

I almost found the last battle between Ares and Diana boring, actually. Very bombastic, cardboard lines and predictable delivery and plotting, Diana losing it when she realizes Steve is dead (uuuh, the name is probably also why this kept reminding me of Captain America.) The "killing one person does not end the war, maybe I caused it, we all caused it" was particularly on the nose, which Diana needed...but did the audience particularly need the reminder? I didn't. Ehh...

Also all the excessive slow motion in the middle of fight scenes annoyed me after a while. Okay, fine, you want to show off the awesome fighting moves, after a while it's also obvious and a snore. I should not be bored in an action movie.

It was an alright action movie. I appreciate the premise. I appreciate it's a lead up to the later justice league movie later so they felt they needed a wonder woman movie. I appreciate the fun bits from Steve, how he helped Diana with her goals even though he didn't always believe everything she said, and I appreciate how he kept backing her up in combat, support!action hero style.

Maybe the next one will be better? Maybe I am disappointed because all these people told me how GREAT the movie is, but I feel meh about it. I like Maleficent better. But I am always partial to alien, cruel versions of fairies anyways as creatures and story motifs, so I am biased about that one. (ALSO DAVID BOWIE'S JARETH IN LABYRINTH.) (AND IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE LABYRINTH FANFICTION A FORFEIT OF DREAMS AND ASTOLAT'S INVITED SERIES --- DO SO IMMEDIATELY. GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD. I THINK I'LL RE-READ BOTH OF THEM AGAIN RIGHT NOW.)

But back to Wonder Woman: it's a B or a B- movie.
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