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Where do I even begin? I think I about had heart palpitations the first time I saw the art [personal profile] kidsxheroes made for And the song goes on. I love the colors. I love the details: My Little Ponies on Amanda's desktop! Amanda's outfit! All their outfits being exactly right and perfect! The giant pink binder, ahahahaha! Lindsey's tattoos! I love Lindsey's unamused expression looking at Amanda. I love the rip at the bottom of Jamia's jeans. I love how bashful and coy Jamia and Lindsey look around each other. Oh man, just everything. This was so much more than I'd hoped for. Thank you for being so on-point and generous, bb!

bgbb art 1

She decided to switch tactics. “So, um, you talk to Jamia a lot, yeah?” Lindsey asked Amanda. Amanda had kicked back her chair, sat with her feet on the desk and typed a mile a minute with the keyboard in her lap as she nodded. She had on her business-drag outfit again today, with tightly curled hair like in a forties noir-films paired with thin, widely arched black brows and serious chocolate-brown lipstick, but the pantlegs were hiked up enough to show off black and white striped tights. That was pretty cool, Lindsey had to admit. And strangely hot. But Lindsey was about to get her period and chalked up the past couple days of strange thoughts to hormonal imbalances anyways.

bgbb art 2

"I’ve got something for you,” she said, and presented the box once they were inside. She set the box down on Jamia’s desk on top of the phonebook-sized company policy review, and opened the top.

Jamia looked surprised, and then a bit stiff. “Oh okay. Thank you”

“Amanda said you liked them?” Lindsey offered. She’d kick Amanda in the shins if she were wrong.

“Oh yes, I do.” Jamia stayed stiff and still a little longer, plucking apart the frosting, eating that first before eating into the cookie. They were good cookies, sweet and soft and practically melting into sugar and butter in the mouth. Lindsey had made sure.

Jamia’s expression softened gradually, closed her eyes over the mouthful. She looked a little solemn, melancholy when she looked up at Lindsey. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” A little longer pause. “You need something else?”

“No, this is plenty. You’ve done more than enough.”

bgbb art 3

"Wanna dance?” Lindsey asked Jamia. Jamia was watching Alicia slide by as well. “Sure,” Jamia replied and jumped up, straightened out her own messy old t-shirt and brushed bottle-wet hands on her jeans, before holding out a hand mockingly. Lindsey took it with her nose stuck in the air and made some teased-hair dude next to them laugh, then got led to the floor to smash the beat right out.

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